Case Study: Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q2 2023)

Concierge Name: Daniel Wolf
Patient Name: Jamie Randol
Patient Age: 80
Admission Date: 05/22/23
Admitted From: St. John’s Riverside Hospital- Dobbs Ferry Pavilion
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharge To: Home
Length Of Stay: TBD
Reason For Stay: Tendon Tear in the Right Thigh
How Did This Patient Hear About Sans Souci: Dr. Mehta

Details of Experience:

Ms. Jamie Randol arrived at Sans Souci Nursing Home and Rehab Center after an up-and-down few weeks, on May 22nd, 2023. She had undergone a knee replacement just a short time earlier in St. John’s Riverside Hospital. Ms. Randol worked hard daily to improve, and progress quickly began to show. One day, however, Jamie suffered a fall and tore a tendon in her right thigh. It was extremely difficult for Ms. Randol started the process of therapy and healing all over again. With the help of her surgeon, Dr. Mehta, she began moving forward once again. Jamie always kept her eyes on the prize and stayed focused on what it would take to go home. With Dr. Mehta’s recommendation, Ms. Randol decided that Sans Souci was the best possible next step in her journey.

When Ms. Randol arrived at Sans Souci, she was a little uncertain about adjusting to a new home and beginning the process again. “I recall sitting outside and watching people walk by, and I would think, they don’t know how lucky they are. However, the nursing aides were all extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities,” Jamie shared. Ms. Randol also credits her roommate with helping her feel comfortable from day one. “My roommate and I bonded from the first day,” she explained. “She has been amazing; we always hang out together and help each other through this difficult time”. With encouragement from the staff and her roommate, she was ready to set goals. These goals included helping her stand supported for at least thirty seconds and transferring on her own.

Ms. Randol first arrived at Sans Souci unable to stand while supported and totally dependent on staff to help her move around. Three weeks later, Ms. Randol could stand for five straight minutes while only receiving a little support. She can also complete functional transfers with good safety awareness, with only moderate assistance.

Jamie can’t stop talking about her therapists when asked about pivotal people in her journey. “Kristine and Melvin are so amazing and helpful. Whenever I go to the gym, I never wait for the staff to notice me. They know that I’m coming, and they know what we’re going to try today. They also allow me to guide the services towards what I feel I may need”. Ms. Randol also loves going to activities with her roommate and other residents. The daily chronicles given out in the morning and bingo almost every other day also motivates Jamie to get up and go each day.

Ms. Randol will be discharged home before July 4th, after which we can arrange an aide to help her at home. She is extremely excited to return to the tight-knit community that she calls home. She is so happy to see all her neighbors who have been instrumental in caring for her belongings while she’s been improving. Jamie is a bit nervous about going home again and being completely independent, but the therapists have prepared her well. “Everyone from the therapy staff to the recreation staff always made a huge deal about my therapy accomplishments,” She shared. “This always encouraged me to keep going and feel confident in my own abilities to act independently.” These things allow Jamie to feel comfortable with the prospect of living alone.

We wish Ms. Randol nothing but the best and hope she continues to succeed in her journey.