“My Mom was a patient there for rehab and recovery post-surgery. She was given the most respective care, and they treated her with the utmost respect. The receptionists, rehab department, nurses, nursing aides, and all other staff are very attentive to the patient’s needs. The amount of respect shown to the patient is the same shown to the patient’s family and friends. They are well-informed knowledgeable, and well-educated in their field. The facility is clean and well taken care of. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for care for a parent or any loved one. — Ben T.

“Last year I was a patient in three different rehabilitation facilities. Thankfully, my daughter found a social worker who gave her a long list of more rehabilitation centers. She and I saw Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing home at the same time. The listing talked about families and loved ones. We both circled it and we didn’t look at any other place. Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Home has brought me back to life! I arrived here two weeks ago and I couldn’t walk without falling. I wasn’t certain of the year or the date. I was afraid, bewildered, angry, and trembling. Today is Christmas Eve, and I can walk without falling. I am getting more balanced both mentally and physically. I am learning to take the time to breathe as long as I need to. It works, and I can become calm. So this year’s Christmas I will be celebrating at the beautiful Sans Souci and its amazing staff. I would like to wish them all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Hopefully, next year I will be home celebrating healthy and strong with my lovely family.” — Lisa K.

“Sans Souci has been a positive experience for me. The staff has been very kind and attentive to my needs throughout my stay. I thank everyone who took care of me during my stay.” — Justo S.

“The rehab department at Sans Souci is amazing. Kecia and Carrie were fantastic to work with and helped me regain my strength. The entire nursing department took great care of me. Thank you to my nurses, Emily and Jessa, and CNAs, Ruth, Pauline, and Albania, who helped me recover. I really enjoyed my stay at Sans Souci.” — Anthony B.

“The rehab department at Sans Souci is amazing. The nursing staff took great care of me. I really enjoyed my stay at Sans Souci.” — Anthony B.

“Sans Souci is the best-skilled rehab facility in the area. The staff is incredible. Thank you for helping me get better.” – Anthony H.

“Sans Souci is the Taj Mahal of rehab centers!” – M. Tiburcio

“My stay at Sans Souci was a great experience. I went in with pain and came out with no pain. What can I say about the staff? They were great. They took super care of me. I met other patients and became very good friends with them. The therapists were great and I became friends with them also. I recommend this place to anyone. Bless all of them!” – J. Reyes

“Rehab is hard work and its hard to push myself to go, but the rehab staff is so much fun. When I get there, I don’t want to leave!” – M. Donaldson

“I enjoy working with my patients; they make my day!” – Pat T.

“I came to Sans Souci wheelchair-bound, unable to walk. Due to the rehabilitation I received at Sans Souci, I am able to walk again independently using a rollator. I thank Sans Souci’s staff for giving me the care and support that I needed to regain my strength and rehabilitate.” – Eric L.

“I love working as a speech pathologist because I get to work with patients that don’t have a voice for themselves. I get to help people eat, speak, and enjoy life again!” – Shampa Paul, SLP

“I have arrived here from a different facility and this place is like Heaven. Thank you for all that you are doing for me.” – Deborah B.

“My stay here has been great. I am excited as I will be discharged next week just in time for the Holidays! Thanks to all who made my stay a successful one.” – Beverley B.

“Under this new ownership, Sans Souci has climbed its way to the top in this area! I am happy to be a resident here.” – Margaret P.

“I have had a smooth transition here from the Hospital and I am thankful for that! I hope all this good continues and I am able to go home for the Holidays!” – Rosa K.

“Last night we were treated to dinner with the Chef! WOW! The food was amazing! I need to get that recipe of that salmon so I can make it at home! We were all dressed so nicely. Thank you to the Recreation Department who made this possible along with the Dietary [staff].” – Jennifer H.

“We would like to thank you for taking such good care of our father and husband for the past year. Having a family member in a Nursing Facility is never easy but the love and care you provide him is wonderful. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving with your Family and Friends. Thank you again!” – Vega Family

“I work here and when the whole staff received a gift for Thanksgiving as a token of appreciation from the Administration, I felt like we really are appreciated! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!” – CNA, nursing team

“Thanksgiving at Sans Souci was really spectacular! It really felt like home as the food was so good! Thank you to the administration and Dietary team for making this happen.” – Jeanne C.

“It has been a long couple weeks in the hospital, but I am glad to say I am at Sans Souci now and I am comfortable. I met all the Departments when I arrived feeling like I was someone special and that is very nice. Looking forward to making a complete recovery.” – Dane M.

“Veterans Day in this facility was celebrated to the max! From the programming to the Ceremonial board they displayed in the Veterans Honor, it was all incredible. This truly makes me proud that I was a Veteran in the US Navy!” – Donald W.

“This place has improved in a major way since 2008. This is a top of the line place with caring staff who treat each resident like their own family! Keep up the great work!” – Margaret P.

“My week here has been amazing. I’ve been so busy with my Therapy team as they have been so attentive to my needs and concerns! They have been wonderful!” – Martha M.

“’Beautiful!’ That is the word I would say about this place. Every Department is amazing! I recommend this place to anyone who needs some rehab. Thank you again for everything!”

“I was always craving for a steak and Nathaniel made it happen! This is what we call Heaven! Thank you so much!” – Dennis E.

“While being here, I have been painting here with the Recreation Department. I am so thankful for that opportunity. I have improved my skills and I am grateful. I am also doing very well at Rehab as I just started walking by myself. Thanks!” – Graciela V.

“I am leaving today and boy am I lucky to have spent time here. Everyone was wonderful to me here, especially Lee and the Recreation Department. I am so thankful.” – Martha H.

“I have much gratitude to the team here as they worked effortlessly to ensure my recovery go as smoothly as it did. You are simply an Angel.” – Theresa C.

“I have been very happy with the service over here. Everyone seems so attentive to my needs.” – Kevin F.

“The attention I get here is second to none. Whenever I have an issue, I have the person I need running to help me out. This is how every facility should operate. Keep up the great work!” – Joann J.

“Sans Souci is a great Rehab facility to improve your health. The environment is great in every way. It’s a very clean facility; staff that are always looking to help you, good nutritious food, and most of all, there is very good management and Administration. My mom is here for almost ten weeks and she is recovering from a bad fall. She has made great progress thus far and I am looking to see her continue in this great path! Thank you Sans Souci!” – N. Murrieta (Resident’s son)

“My time is up almost here at this facility. I have been pleasantly happy with the respect and care that is given to me. I’ve been to many different places and never have I been treated so nicely. The Recreation Department, especially Lee, is amazing! Thank you!” – Martha H.

“My stay has been good so far. I am progressing downstairs at Rehab and I am on my way to recovery!” – Beverley B.

“As the weather is getting nicer, we are having the privilege to spend time on the gorgeous Patio so we can enjoy the fresh air. The Recreation Department is great as we have some shows along with live entertainment which is so good!” – K. Ramsey

“What can I say, This place is great. The Concierge goes above and beyond to ensure I am always satisfied and taken care of. If only I can take him home with me when I leave.” – B. Roskosh

“When I came to this place, I had problems that I needed therapy for. Never did I expect my eye issues to be resolved as well. They had an eye doctor see me and my eyesight improved! I am really appreciative for that help!” – Edward K.

“The recreation department does a fine job in making sure I along with the other patients are occupied all day. They also are very kind and sweet people and know how to put a smile on my face every day.” – L. Ramsey

“This [national nursing home] week has been amazing! This facility went above and beyond for us this week. We had an amazing time with the illusionist on Wednesday. Thanks so much.” – M. Gonzalez

“Nursing home week over here was so nice. Throughout all the amazing activities that were arranged for us, the best part of the week was having the small teddy bears with a personalized card attached to it. It was really nice and it brought me to tears that someone would give me such a beautiful gift. Thanks for everything that you do. May God Bless you all!” – K. Delgado

“Thank you for making my mom’s birthday celebration a day to remember. You all went above and beyond and we are truly grateful. We appreciate the continuous care and attention to detail on her road to recovery.” – Keisha G. & Colin, daughter, and son of Vera W.

“The overall operation over here is amazing. Every department makes sure I am given the right tools to get better. I really appreciate it.” – Rafalina B.

“I had a pleasant stay at Sans Souci. The staff treated me with special care. They really went out of their way to make sure I am comfortable. Thanks!” – L. Williams

“You will need to give me a lot of those Ray of Sunshine cards because the staff here is amazing! They always go out of the way for me.” – Joann J.

“My transition here was so smooth. Thank you to Nathaniel for making sure I was comfortable and had all my questions answered for me on my first day here.” – Silvio A.

“I have been here a few weeks now and I am so happy with all the care that was given to me. I want to thank all Departments for their help in enabling me to go home safely.” – Dorothy Y.

“I have been having the pleasure of time here as everyone is so nice to me. The food is great, as that is very important to me. Thank you Rolande for the special care.” – Shae B.

“I am having a fabulous time at Sans Souci. I came in here unable to walk or stand with the chance of losing my toe. Today, I got the great news that I can keep my toe as well as I am able to walk and climb stairs! I will recommend Sans Souci to anyone who needs a rehab facility!” – Donald R.

“I have been known to be a picky eater in the past. When I came, I did not think they can keep up with my needs. I was wrong! The Dietary department is amazing! They go out of their way to make sure I am content with my meals every day! Thank you.” – Jeanette D.

“Your team has been great the last time we were here and I have no doubt that you won’t be as good this time around! You are the best Nursing Facility out there!” – Ana F.

“I feel like I am at the Ritz Carlton here. My tray comes up without me even asking for one. I really think I should move in.” – H. Quain (Wife of a Resident)

“The art contest was really amazing. This whole month, the building was filled with beautiful paintings. It was so nice to be a part of such a competition.” – M. Steltzer, on the Art for Life program

“The way I was treated when I came in was phenomenal! Thank you for the red carpet treatment! I can’t wait to get better under your care and go back home!” – George M.

“The recreation department is amazing! Lee is always here with a smile, and eager to help us have as good of a time as I can possibly have under the situation I am in. He really is a shining star.” – B. Capone

“I am so happy that I chose Sans Souci to rehabilitate my leg. My first day here was a dream come true. I was greeted by the concierge, then each department made their way in to see me. Since then I’ve been doing great! thanks so much.” – J. Nunez

“I am working very hard at Therapy downstairs to attain one goal: to go home as fast as I can! They are working with me as if I was their mom and I am appreciative of that. Thanks!” – Anna Y.

“Yesterday, there was this strolling saxophone person that entertained us. He was amazing! I cannot wait until next week as we are supposed to have Dinner with the Chef! I thank the whole recreation team for making my stay so enjoyable!” – M. Bastone

“I am doing great here at the facility and I can’t wait to go home. While I am here, I am doing great at Sans Souci. They treat me with such great respect. I am thankful for that.” – M. Demaio

“July 4th is coming and I may be home in time! This is all because of the amazing work they did for me at Sans Souci. Aside from the therapy, I have been so busy with the recreation department. My days fly by here! I appreciate it.” – L. Carter

“As the weather is getting warmer, we had our first Summer barbecue this past Tuesday and it was amazing! The music, food, and the nice weather made it such an enjoyable day!” – K. Foster

“The Rehab here is so good! They are the nicest people and they do such amazing work with me. Also, yesterday there was a resident who had a birthday and the whole team started singing Happy Birthday. It was so nice to see this! I can’t wait for my Birthday next month.” – M. Garay

“Sans Souci is a great anecdote for my sickness. I am almost better and ready for discharge. I want to thank the Nursing and Rehab teams for getting me to this point!” – K. Clarke

“My mom is in Sans Souci and above all the good that happened to her while she was here, the financial coordinator really helped me a lot! He made sure my mom always had insurance coverage and made sure my family and I had no headaches from the financial side of things! Thanks!” – H. Soto

“I am very comfortable here in my room. When I first came in, I couldn’t sleep at night, but now I sleep like a baby. Everyone is so nice to me and I am thankful for that.” – N. Ross

“The moment I was admitted at San Souci, I was treated very well. The entire staff was caring and compassionate. The Physical Therapy Department was great. Recreation went above and beyond for me and my family and I am so appreciative. Even now that I am discharged I am invited back to do Rosary with the Residents every Wednesday! Thanks so much for making Sans Souci my Home away from Home.” – V. Torres

“I am ready to go home and I feel great! I am thankful to the incredible staff at Sans Souci. The care and devotion that was given to me made me feel like family to my caregivers and that’s special! Thanks for doing what you do best and may you continue to do this for other Residents in the future.” – M. Raff

“Elvis was one of my childhood favorites and my idol as I grew up. It was so nice to hear his songs again as it brought back great memories. Thank you, the recreation team, for making me feel young again.” – V. Torres