Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation team members evaluate patients upon admission, at regular intervals thereafter, and whenever nursing staff most familiar with that resident develop any concern about changes in his/her capacities. Timely interventions can have major impact upon the daily lives of even those with the greatest limitations. Patients may receive one on one therapy twice a day up to seven days a week in a state of the art rehabilitation gym that is unparalleled in the industry. Patients actually enjoy exercising on the 21st century equipment and limbering up while bowling with our WII system.

Patients are evaluated by our on-staff orthopedic surgeon on a weekly basis or as needed.

Occupational Therapy

is devoted to the provision of “functionality” for the patient, being focused on what each individual needs in order to perform the tasks required for independence.
This comes first from a concentration on “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs). Our ADL apartment consists of a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, where patients are carefully led to do things we all do in our daily lives. In addition, occupational therapists work with our wound care team to ensure that body positioning and ambulation methods contribute to the prevention of sores and augment healing.

Speech Therapy

Being able to communicate is essential to the quality of a person’s life and essential to maintaining independence. At Sans Souci our speech therapists evaluate patients and develop a treatment plan upon admission. This early intervention has been shown to impact positively on our patients’ recovery. Among the groups regularly treated for speech concerns are:

  • Post-CVA (stroke) patients
  • Tracheostomy patients
  • Cognitive impairment patients ( e.g. those with brain tumors and neuro-trauma)
  • Non-verbal, neurologically impaired individuals, (e.g. ALS patients)

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