Case Study: Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (March 2017)

Patient’s Age: 81
Admission Date: 1/31/2017
Admitted From: Lawrence Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/7/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 35 Days
Reason for Stay: Hip Fracture
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci? Hospital referral

Details of Experience:

James was admitted to Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on January 31st 2017 from Lawrence Hospital with a hip fracture diagnosis. James was immediately assessed by our therapy department as he required skilled rehabilitation services for right bipolar arthroplasty and right hip strss fracture. James was also legally blind, but he displayed enormous ability to compensate for reduced vision. James was supported by two-step commands and benefitted from tactile cuing throughout assessment. Initially, James had progressive pain with movement, impaired balance, decreased muscular strength and poor activity tolerance/endurance impacting performance and safety during performance of ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) and IADL’s.

While James was at Sans Souci, he enjoyed many of the amazing recreational activities that Sans Souci had to offer. James appreciated always being in therapy, but while he was not, recreation provided him leisure interests such as 1:1 visits from the team and braille-supported literature as he loved reading. Recreation also introduced new games like that of bingo to James using Braille. As James loved classical music, he was provided with a radio to listen at his leisure as well.

James made steady but consistent progress in therapy via restorative, adaptive and compensatory strategies and he was well on his way to returning home to his loving family. When James was prepared for discharge on March 7th 2017, he was able to ambulate approximately 90 ft with contact guard assist, perform functional transfers and bed mobility tasks with contact guard assist. He ascended/descended more than 15 steps with CGA and bilateral hand rails for support. James was also able to ascend/descend steps using both reciprocal/step over step pattern as well as step to pattern.