Case Study: Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (June 2015)

Patient’s Age: 99
Admission Date: 4/10/15
Admitted From: St. Johns Riverside Hospital
Discharge Date: 6/11/15
Discharged To: Community
Length of Stay: 62 Days
Reason for Stay: Cardiac problems
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci? Hospital

Details of Experience:

Patient was admitted to Sans Souci Rehab and Nursing Facility on 4/10/2015 with the medical diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infraction and Unspecified Septicemia. Upon her Clinical evaluation, She was very weak, no appetite, unable to swallow well, and was consistently sleeping. Her functional abilities upon our Physical Therapy evaluation was bed mobility of maximal assistance, Transfers of total dependence with attempts to initiate, Gait over level surfaces of total dependence with attempts to initiate. For Occupational Therapy, her functional abilities upon evaluation were selffeeding of stand by assistance, Hygiene & Grooming of moderate assistance, Bathing of total dependence with attempts to initiate, Toileting of total dependence w/attempts to initiate.

Upper body dressing of moderate assistance, lower body Dressing of total dependence w/attempts to initiate. After completing 62 days of rehabilitation, she was able to complete all bed mobility tasks with supervision, perform all functional transfers with supervision using a rolling walker and ambulate over 200 feet using a rolling walker with supervision. In addition, her sitting balance improved to a level where he supervision while complete all Activities of Daily Living without loss of balance and sitting at edge of bed, able to complete all hygiene & grooming tasks with supervision while sitting at edge of bed, wheelchair or in a chair with armrests, perform UB/LB bathing and toileting tasks with stand by assistance and complete UB and LB dressing with supervision.

Upon her discharge from Sans Souci and the help from their elite clinical team, all prior level of functions has been met and with our therapist’s consent, she was able to return to private residents safely.