TeamSansSouciNational Nursing Home Week was quite a success!

On Monday, The residents had their first ever Senior Olympics, an event enjoyed by every single person that attended. It was an amazing sight!

On Tuesday, Sans Souci showcased the amazing things we do on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, we held our Staff Luncheon and Spa Day. All of our team members were treated to a gourmet lunch served by our Administrative team thanking them for all the hard work they do all year long. In addition to the lunch, each employee was awarded a complimentary ten minute Spa massage from a Professional masseuse.

On Resident Appreciation day, all residents received wonderful gifts as a token of appreciation for being who they are and being a part of our amazing community. We also had a special entertainer come making a whole array of different balloon for all our residents to enjoy.

To cap off Spirit week, we brought an Ice cream truck to Sans Souci giving every employee/family/vendor a complimentary ice cream cone as a token of appreciation. Sans Souci had a great National Nursing Home Week!